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What depression is and what it is not. 

What is and what is not Depression:

Depression is a relapse-able, sometimes chronic mental health problem that will affect many of us.

It is not being sad, upset or grieving per se.

It is important to distinguish healthy connection with life and depression.

Depression arguably emerges from our problem solving ability but is a maligned form of our mind abilities.

It can start when we have been through difficult times in our lives but it isn't necessarily switched on by difficult events.

Depression is a dysfunctional habit of the mind unlike feelings related to our ever changing lives.

Going through changes, separations and losses of any kind can be difficult.

Psychotherapy can both help managing those transitions and help with depression.

Understanding the different states our mind can be in, identifying our real needs from unhelpful narratives, learning to accept our true feelings and learning how to get more of our needs met in healthy ways are some of what Psychotherapy can offer.

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