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Life can throw a lot at you and you don’t always have the strength, insight or resources to cope.

I believe that counselling should be simple, uncomplicated and understandable. That people need a safe environment to be able to explore feelings and issues which can, at times, be very difficult and complicated.

My aim as a therapist is to listen without judgment, and to help you find your way through what can, at times, feel like conflicting feelings, and help you find new possibilities in your life.

Initial meeting
I would recommend an initial meeting to assure compatibility, explore what issues you would like to explore and make a plan for counselling.
I like to review the work regularly so that progress can be monitored and new objectives agreed if needed.
It’s important that you (the client) feel in control of what is going on at all stages of the process.
End note

It’s not enough to just exist.

It’s important to be happy and to thrive in the world .

To live a life which has hope and integrity.

For more impartial information about counselling:

Here is a useful link to the NHS website about how to find the right therapist for you:

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